Alann Bougeard


Graduated from ENSA Normandie in 2021

Winner Fruitière 2021-2022


You're a creative, passionate architect and sometimes, let's face it, you find it hard to pinpoint your customers' desires?

Instead of spending several appointments trying to understand their true intentions and wishes, Alann invites you to go through onlygiraffe! The aim: to get your customers to be creative too, and to identify their real needs before passing them on to you.

Onlygiraffe offers you an intuitive, customizable digital pathway, made up of simple questions and exercises, to pass on to your customers for guided reflection.


Photo Alann Bougeard LaVitrine
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"Thanks to the access to the fruit farm's premises, I have an environment conducive to work, which allows me to move forward on my project. In addition, the trainings allow me to frame my project and move forward with more expertise."

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Pierric Flandrin

Artis Studio

Graduated from ENSA Normandie in 2013

Artis studio is an architectural firm that seeks to affirm architecture as a discipline. That is to say that the field of intervention of the architects is not only limited to the construction on the contrary, architects are confronted with new questions that are posed at the scale of society and must be society and must be able to provide original answers. 

The agency tries to bring its expertise to various actors, whether they are individuals associations, professionals, communities, by trying to leave the traditional role attributed to the architect the architect: advice during visits, formatting of recommendations, articles, training, volunteering in associations that try to innovate, etc.

The agency also wishes to create links, to be the oil in the wheels between the student world, the the professional world and the world of university research. 

"It seems important to me to have approaches that question the conventional practice of an architect, to discuss them, to confront them with the opinions of others. That's why the integration of a collaborative space, like La Fruitière, seems relevant if not essential."

Karina Guaman Flores

The Krisis

Graduate ENSA Paris Belleville 2018

 La Krisis is an architecture workshop turned towards others. It aims to apply the capacity of wonder of the architect's profession to a social utility, by mobilizing solutions of the Social and Solidarity Economy: self-construction, solidarity factory, recycling, patronage...
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"By joining La Fruitière, I wish to share the current stage of my ideas and go to the end of the creation of my activity. In addition, exchanging with other architects will certainly allow me to better orient my desires.

Photo Denitsa Hristova The alchemy of architecture
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Denitsa Hristova


Graduated ENSAPL in 2020

Alternative media, exploring the immaterial dimension of the architectural production, which gathers the whole of the processes crossed by the project: from its conception to its realization.

Starting from a critical and analytical observation concerning the dysfunctions of traditional design practices (generally very linear and compartmentalized), we are interested in emerging alternative methods, including those based on strategies promoting participation and co-design.

Archysteria presents itself as a reference media, allowing to understand and analyze what happens behind the curtain in agencies, but also in associations and collectives, linked to the architectural production.

This media approaches the world of architecture from a new angle: that of innovation linked to the evolution of the design process.

"It is important for me to acquire knowledge about business creation but also to take advantage of the ENSA Normandy network to develop my project."

Johann Petit


Graduate ENSA Normandie 2016

Graduate ENSA Paris Belleville 2018

Transformation of roofs, in slopes for existing or future buildings, in order to adapt them to the current needs (thermal comfort, light and resistant bio-based materials as a new structure, creation of biodiversity spaces).
Photo of sloped green roof
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"La Fruitière's comprehensive program offering several modules related to architecture motivates me to discover the proposed training. Moreover, it is also oriented for young people who simply want to create."