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Competition Steel competition

Steel competition

Subject: It is proposed to the candidates to imagine and conceive an architectural model or program capable of meeting the great urban the great urban challenges posed by the mutations of the world and its cities (global warming, digital deployment, energy digital deployment, energy transition, transformation of lifestyles and lifestyles and work, new approach to life...). The project will have to rely on two approaches often approaches at the heart of contemporary architectural issues. contemporary architectural issues. Whether it is a question of a High-tech or Low-tech (or even a combination of both), the combination of the two), the work will try to make the most of the the best of the qualities of the steel material that it will to the best advantage. The rendering will be based on a free presentation, innovative and adapted to the approach (model, 3D animation 3D animation, kinematics, flowchart, algorithm, diagrams...). It will however integrate the usual representations of the architectural or urban project architectural or urban project (plans, sections, elevations) at adequate scales.

Opening date: 05/12/2022

Application deadline: 16/04/2023

Deadline for project submission: 16/04/2023

Organiser: ConstruirAcier

Competition Ideas competition DREAL Normandie

Competition of ideas DREAL Normandie

Issue: The greening of cities is a major challenge in the face of climate change and its impact on our living spaces. climate change and its impacts on our living spaces. The city, by its density, amplifies the effects of climate change. Renaturation solutions can help mitigate these effects by acting on health, biodiversity and in general on the improvement of the quality of life. The Biome competition invites you to imagine, in a selection of of small and medium-sized towns in the Grand-Est region, an architectural architectural, urban or landscape project capable of bringing together city and nature. Faced with the global issues related to global warming, how can we imagine resilient urban complexes?

Opening date: 31/10/2022

Application deadline: 13/07/2023

Deadline for project submission: 13/07/2023

Organizer: DREAL Grand-Est