Chloé Airelle - accompanied by Julie Odile

Mobility at the University of Milan, 2021-2022

Why did you choose to go to Milan? 

I chose to do my Erasmus in Milan because I had already been able to visit the city during the World Fair. This city is full of artistic and architectural references, and also had the advantage of being easily accessible from France by plane or train.

Since I didn't speak Italian when I left, I preferred to choose this destination where all the courses were given in English.

What also made me choose Milan was the very high ranking of the Polytechnic in the international ranking of architecture schools. This does not mean of course that the courses are complicated but only that the school has important pedagogical capacities and an influence beyond the borders of Italy.

What did you like most about your host institution? 

The campus is very large. There are students in architecture but also in engineering and design. There is plenty of space to work both indoors and outdoors on nice days. The campus is located in the center of Milan which makes it very easy to get to and also makes the place very pleasant. The campus is like a small city within the city, open to all.

What would be the 3 tips you would give to students choosing this destination?

Even if the organization of Italy is quite similar to that of France, there are still administrative specificities that require advance information, especially concerning the rental of an apartment.

The range of courses offered by Polytechnico is also very large. Some courses are very specific. It is therefore a good idea to ask former students about the most interesting courses and their level.

Of course, to make you want to visit Milan, it might be a good idea to find out about the many cultural activities available in Milan as well as in the other cities of northern Italy. In fact, all the cities near Milan are easily accessible by train for small budgets and are full of wonders.

A fun fact to share? 

Milan is a very nice city with a lot of parks but unfortunately it is infested by mosquitoes all year round even in winter. So it was usual to see us covered with pimples even on the face. We didn't manage to understand the secret of the Italians in this field!

Finally, 3 words to describe your experience:

Sun, meeting and beauty

Adriana Rarivova

Mobility at Rabat University, 2021-2022

Why did you choose to go to Morocco?

I decided to go to Morocco because for several years I have only heard good things about this country and I absolutely wanted to discover this rich culture.

What has made the biggest impression on you at your host institution? 

I was fascinated by the vastness of the university complex that was built. Everything looks gigantic and there is a lot of green space to walk around. I also found the reception to be warm and reassuring. There is a whole organization to accompany the students in mobility.

In addition, the University organizes guided tours to learn more about the history of Rabat and all the places that cannot be missed.

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What would be the 3 tips you would give to students choosing this destination?

I would advise living locally, close to the medina. This is where you can really have the most socio-cultural and gastronomic experiences! I learned Darija (language in Morocco) just by buying my fruits and vegetables in the local markets.
I also advise to live in a flat, it's the key to create new encounters and to travel together.
And my last advice is to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you to take the first transport (train, bus, car, camel..) and go on an adventure in this beautiful country.

A fun fact to share?

  • Fun-fact 1: I shared a table-sized plate of couscous with people I had just met. Just goes to show, couscous makes for great friendships!
  • Fun-fact 2: I took a 7 hour trip on a night bus to the desert, at 3am we stopped at a place that looked like a gas station lost in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. An old man was preparing skewers. So we settled on little stools to eat at 3am before heading back to the desert.
  • Fun-fact 3 : It's snowing in Morocco !

And finally 3 words to describe your experience:

Unforgettable, magic and adventure

Briac Madec and Marine Gauvin

Mobility to the University of Athens, 2021- 2022

Why did you choose to go to Athens?

It is by following the meetings of the stay of the international that we chose this destination, and notably for its ancient architecture and the climate.

We were also able to discover another establishment. And it allowed us to make a break after the degree without "losing" a year.

In a second time, we could travel inland and on the islands.

Our stay was a personal success. We met new people and worked on our English: a goal of our stay.

What was the most memorable thing about your host institution?

Three quarters of the Athens University complex are abandoned premises. The walls are tagged as the district in which it is located.
Especially the central building, image of the school 100% occupied

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to students who choose this destination?

Do not put pressure or stress on yourself when it comes to the quantity, quality, and evolution of the work. Everything lives at the rhythm of the city and this one is rather calm.

To take advantage to the maximum, to travel, and to inform you about your destinations, inland or on the islands and to privilege certain seasons at the risk of being alone in the world!

A fun fact to share?

It is very common to be called Costa, Panayotis or Dimitris, and if your name is too complicated, you may end up with one of these names.

We were in a town called Methana with a French girl at the school of architecture in Bordeaux, and were alone in this town for 2 days. The main attraction of this one is a volcano, accessible by the only cab of the city.

After an ascent by car, then a 25 min walk, we were in the heart of the volcano, laughing with friends and saying stupid things. Then, we noticed a couple enjoying the view next to us and in silence. In fact, they were French, having heard each of our sentences!
It was not without embarrassment that we greeted them, and it is far from being the only encounter of this type!

It is with this last advice that we will finish: the French are everywhere, be careful with what you say! Especially since a good number of Greeks speak a few words.

Finally 3 words to describe your experience: 

Enriching, personal development and friendship