Videoconferencing - Projected territories

By Michel Desvigne

30 Tue 2022
Videoconferencing - Projected territories
  • School life

16h00 -

As part of the S08 lecture course: Architecture, city and territory

After a brief return to the legacy of FL Omlsted, which inspires Michel Desvigne's practice, the presentation goes through a series of projects at different territorial scales, notably in several port and river cities. Amongst other things, the questions of the reconversion and renaturation of vast commercial and industrial sites, the management of rainwater, the continuity of structuring vegetation, the deployment of soft transport routes, etc. are raised.

Michel Desvigne is an internationally recognised landscape architect who has developed projects in more than twenty-five countries. His work helps to make visible and enhance landscapes, to understand the mechanisms at work that give them form, and to act on these mechanisms to transform landscapes and give them meaning. In 2011, he was awarded the Grand Prix de l'Urbanisme for his contribution and reflection on the city and the territory. In 2014, he was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space for his project to restore the Old Port of Marseille.

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Visual: Landscape structure of Toulouse city centre © Agence M. Desvigne