Transfers to the 1st year of the Bachelor's degree program are not accepted. Consequently, access to the second year of this cycle is subject to the successful completion of all units in the 1st year . Automatic transfers are subject to the school's capacity. Responses to transfer requests will be communicated before the end of May 2024.


Your transfer request must be made in your Taïga space "Transfer tab". You will deposit online from 15/01/2024 to 15/03/2024 :

  1. ENSA Normandie's transfer form
  2. a letter of motivation
  3. CV
  4. a work file
  5. Any document that can support your application
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Administrative registration of admitted candidates

Candidates who have received a favourable notice of admission by transfer and who meet the required requirements will be invited to come to ENSA Normandie by appointment in order to proceed with their administrative registration.

Contact: Nazia GHRIB