Person with a disability in mobility under the Erasmus+ programme: study facilities and application for complementary funds.

mobility disability
Gregoire Auger

Study facilities

Upon presentation of the medical certificate, it is possible to apply for study facilities at the Erasmus+ host institution.

ENSA Normandie puts students with disabilities in touch with dedicated services.

Application for additional funds

In order to meet the specific needs during a mobility activity of an individual with a disability, additional funding is granted to facilitate their study pathway.

What are the eligible needs?

The costs eligible for supplementary funding can be diverse: specific accommodation, assistance from a companion during the trip, medical follow-up, material support, home help or even a life assistant.

When to apply?

Before making your choice of destinations, you should contact the International Relations Department. They will provide you with all relevant information.

Indeed, not all institutions offer study facilities.

How to apply?

  1. Complete the application form for additional funds related to your disability.
  2. Provide the corresponding estimates. Indeed, costs for specific needs will be covered on the basis of actual costs.
  3. Justify the needs by providing emails or other proof of refusal of funding by other organisations (insurance, social security, etc.), invoices, quotes, email exchanges, etc.

The Erasmus+ Agency will only take into account additional costs that cannot be covered by other sources of funding.

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Additional information

You may wish to consult the Mapped website, an online accessibility mapping tool for higher education institutions developed by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).