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Before mobility

You will be guided through all the documents to be completed and the steps to be taken by the partnerships and international department.

Documents to be completed :

  1. For ENSA Normandie: Fill in the Erasmus+ pedagogical contract and have it validated by your international reference teacher and sign the financial mobility contract.
  2. For the host institution: Complete your administrative registration at the host institution by following their instructions received by e-mail.


Re-registration to ENSA Normandie online in September of the year of your departure with the payment of the CVEC and the registration fees.
No registration fee should be claimed by the host institution. Except in the case of Hanoi: 400 € to be paid on site for student visa fees and workshops.

Identity documents

  • Erasmus +: identity card or passport valid for up to 6 months after the return date.
  • Exchange agreements: student visa plus valid passport up to 6 months after the return date.

Health insurance

For departures in Europe, apply for the European Health Insurance Card from your social security centre.

In addition to the social security system, it is strongly recommended that you take out specific supplementary health insurance, valid for the country and duration of your mobility, with the organisation of your choice. This can be useful, particularly in the event of repatriation or specific medical intervention.

It is important to also find out about your destination in order to be aware of the recommendations and check the necessary vaccinations by clicking here.

Travel formalities

Consult the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to find out about the specific procedures for each country.

Registration on the Ariane portal

This portal allows you to be listed by French embassies abroad.

Annliz Bonin

During mobility


Register at the French Consulate General and apply for a consular card which is free of charge.

Documents to be completed :

  1. Arrival certificate completed and signed by the host institution to be sent to the partnerships and international department
  2. Modifications to the initial educational contract, if any, with the signature of your referring teacher and the host university

On your return

Documents to be transmitted :

  • The transcript of records
  • The certificate of attendance signed by the host institution, which must mention the precise start and end dates of the mobility.

Formality to be completed :

For Erasmus + students

  • Complete and submit the online participant report within 30 calendar days of receiving the invitation to do so. (Failure to do so may result in a partial or full refund of the grant)
  • Take the EU Academy Language Test at the end of your mobility.

Validation of the mobility period by ENSA Normandie

In September, the CFVE will meet to validate by equivalence the curricula of the students who have gone on mobility in view of the results obtained in the host institutions.
If the 30 semester ECTS have not been obtained during the mobility, the student will have to follow additional courses in the year following his mobility, up to the amount of the missing ECTS. If ECTS are missing during a mobility of Licence 3 or S9, the student will not be able to go on to Master 1 or to PFE, he/she will have to repeat the year.
If all ECTS have been obtained, the student will go on to the following year.