All the staff of the school, administrative as well as teaching, permanent as well as contractual, can apply for an Erasmus+ mobility through the school's partnerships and international department.

The different mobilities

There are several types of Erasmus+ staff mobility:
  1. Training mobility for teaching and administrative staff, in the context of professional development activities: training, internship or observation mission. Structured courses and language courses are eligible, but conferences are excluded. Teacher mobility prioritises projects with the objective of pedagogical innovation and the development of new curricula.
  2. Teaching mobilities: minimum 8 hours of teaching (lectures are not eligible)
  3. Combined teaching (minimum 4 hours of teaching) and trainingmobility for teachers
  4. Teaching assignments at ENSA Normandie for visiting staff from foreign public or private companies (the 8 hours of teaching are not required).
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Education and training mobilities can take place in an EU Member State, a third country associated to the program or a third country not associated to the program.


How long?

The duration of the mobility is from 2 days to 2 months excluding travel. The average duration is 5 days.


When and how to apply?

Staff members applying for mobility must inform the ENSA Normandie's partnerships and international department of their plans. For administrative staff, the choice is made by the management. For teaching staff, the choice is made by the CFVE.


The selection criteria are :

  • Relevance of the request to the position held (administrative staff)
  • Relevance of the request in terms of pedagogy and/or research (teaching staff)
  • Priority to applicants who have never participated in an Erasmus+ mobility
  • Number of program-funded spaces available
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Participants-Caroline Maniaque_ Chengdu_Workshop chine 2019

Documents to be completed

An "Erasmus + mobility kit" including a mobility contract and a pedagogical contract is completed and signed by the participant, ENSA Normandy and the host organisation before the start of the mobility period.

The mobility contract defines the amount and conditions of the financial support granted to the participant.

The learning agreement sets out the educational or training objectives and describes the activities that the participant will carry out during the mobility period.

A certificate of attendance signed by the host institution is given by the participant to ENSA Normandie on his/her return. The participant submits an Erasmus+ participant report online on the dedicated European platform within 30 calendar days of the invitation email.



Erasmus+ support for staff mobility consists of subsistence costs plus travel costs.


Accommodation costs:

Four groups of countries have been established according to the cost of living. The amount indicated is per day of mobility depending on the country for living expenses (accommodation and meals)

  1. Denmark, Finland, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland : 119€ until day 14 //86€ from day 15 onwards
  2. Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Vatican : 106€ until the 14th day // 74€ from the 15th day
  3. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey: 92€ until the 14th day // 64€ from the 15th day
  4. Other countries : 180€ until the 14th day // 126€ from the 15th day

Travel costs :

The contribution is for the "round trip" to the mobility destination. Only the outbound trip must be taken into account in determining the distance and the rate. In the case of eco-responsible transportation (carpooling, train, boat), the travel costs are reassessed.

Proof will be requested in case of eco-responsible transport.


0-99 km
100-499 km
500-1999 km
2000-2999 km
3000-3999 km
4000-7999 km
more than 8000 km