Architecture, urbanism and lifestyles

Workshop Guadeloupe 2019 ©Rémi Ferrand


Scientific Director: Valter Balducci

The theme of the partnership chair "Living with water" concerns the relationship between urbanised areas on the coast, along rivers and lakes and the risks of flooding and submersion due to contemporary climate change.
The specific issues of the border areas between land and water offer an opportunity to rethink the territorial project . They call into question disciplinary fields that have developed expertise, know-how and methods of knowledge and urban design.

The chair proposes to develop a convergence of teaching around three territories, Guadeloupe, Normandy, and Vietnam, in which ENSA Normandie has already developed actions concerning architecture, landscape, and the making of urban and territorial projects.


  1. To develop a synergy between research and training on issues relating to the dynamics of transformation of existing territories in the face of contemporary climate phenomena.
  2. Promote thematic and methodological renewal in initial and continuing training
  3. Contribute to the articulation of scientific, experimental and participatory research approaches for ENSAs, with the support of the different actors in the territory, local authorities and universities.


Hanoi Workshop 2019 ©Luc Perrot


In initial training, the Chair proposes to thematically articulate the training modalities currently in place and to open new joint training courses with academic partners, such as master's degrees in two courses, or DPEA.

In the field of continuing education, the Chair proposes the creation of training courses for architects aimed at raising their awareness of the relationship between coastal and river territories and water. These courses are aimed at professionals in architecture and regional planning, actors involved in the preservation of resources and natural and cultural environments, and local authorities responsible for risk prevention. They will benefit from advanced technical and analytical training in theinterpretation of physical phenomena and theevaluation of their spatial and social impact, as well as in the graphic synthesis of transformations in terms of territorial sustainability.


  • University of the West Indies, Guadeloupe, Master's degree in "Risks and Environment
  • University of Caen-Normandy, UFR of Law
  • University of Rouen Normandy, CNRS
  • University of Rouen Normandie, STENOR, Sciences des Territoires en Normandie, Normandie Université
  • EFEO, French School of the Far East
  • Hanoi University of Architecture
  • Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières, Service Géologique National, Direction régionale Guadeloupe
  • CEREMA Normandie-Centre
  • IRD Vietnam
    Conservatoire du Littoral
  • Normandy and Overseas Delegations
  • Normandy Region
  • City of Le Moule
  • City of Morne-à-l'eau
  • DAC Guadeloupe
  • DREAL Normandie, Direction régionale de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement
  • DDTM, Direction Départementale du Territoire et de la Mer, Département Seine Maritime
  • AIA, Architects
  • Associated Engineers, AIA
  • Life design
  • AREP South East Asia
  • CAUE 76 Seine Maritime
  • CAUE 27 Eure
  • CAUE 971 Guadeloupe