Student work

Tracks and projects for the Arts Fleurs Feugrais neighbourhood

Research and creation workshop in partnership with the city of Cléon

Supervised by Dominique Lefrançois, urban sociologist, and Kacha Legrand, artist - both teachers at ENSA Normandie

Ten master's students from the École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Normandie were invited by the city of Cléon to invest in and question the public space of the Arts Fleurs Feugrais district as part of a research and creation workshop. The desire to truly involve the people led the student architects to survey the inhabitants in order to think about how best to appropriate the spaces to be rehabilitated or designed; to understand the different ways of living or occupying the public space, and to make compatible those that sometimes seem not to be compatible.

Students in the field

The student architects interviewed a wide range of people about their practices in the area - young people in particular, who are not involved in consultation mechanisms; street educators; old and new residents; people passing through Cléon or Saint-Aubin-les-Elbeuf; people who work or have worked in these two communes, etc. .... The aim was also, as the Arts Fleurs Feugrais district is already well equipped with consultation mechanisms, to gather the views of people who are not very inclined to take part in participation bodies.
From the words collected, the students imagined four ways of occupying or thinking about public space. Models, sketches, extracts from interviews and photos were used to support their ideas.

Public space, project material - restitution © Kacha Legrand

The students bring their thoughts to the attention of the inhabitants and all the actors of the city.

They are more like avenues for debate and discussion than definite proposals - in fact, they seek to go against received ideas; they question city dwellers as well as urban planners, architects, and elected officials on how to respond to the sometimes contradictory desires of some and others? Invite reflection on questions that go beyond the territory of the Arts Fleurs Freugrais district. For example, what place can be given to young people in our societies today: how to manage the conflicts that sometimes exist between generations?

Photo © Kacha Legrand

The projects

  1. Secteur Lacroix - the café today? a hybrid place that can be found throughout the territory: garage café, troglodyte café, bus stop café...
    Lory Gilardeau, Mattéo Jort, Aristide Echardour
  2. Secteur Lacroix: The city park - views and framings to linger and remember the richness of the landscape; rethinking the coexistence between man, child and animal?
    Robin Dumond, Odeline Georget
  3. Parking area in front of the sports complex. The wood - a vector of identity and centrality, in the heart of the city
    Raphaelle Chacon, Romane Chistel
  4. Bois des Brûlins site: intergenerational furniture: can physical activity encourage exchanges?
    Melissa Boulay, Andrea Pereira, Sonay Sevin