The "Open House" is a major event at ENSA Normandie. Each year, future students are made aware of the architectural professions through presentations, exhibitions and meetings with the student and teaching teams, the administrative staff and external partners. You can also take a virtual tour of our school.

This year's open house took place on January 27, 2024.

View of the Great Hall - Open Day ©ENSA Normandie
ENSA Normandie

Director's conference - JPO 2024

Frequently asked questions

Architecture is a multidisciplinary field that integrates engineering sciences, plastic arts, spatial design, history, sociology, geography and theories. ENSA Normandie has a recruitment strategy that aims to create classes of students with excellent and varied academic backgrounds, allowing strong interaction between students during their training. Eligibility is calculated without any subject coefficients, allowing all courses to have the same chances of integration.

The ENSA Normandie council, for the choice of specialities, is as follows:

  1. choose subjects in which the student is comfortable and will have good grades
  2. choose subjects that express a particular curiosity, an interest in a science, a culture or that question society, its functioning, its history and that broaden the general culture.

Architectural education requires rigour and creativity. All the subjects that contribute to it are relevant and help to train the future architect.

The purpose of the interview is to assess:

  • the student's ability to integrate the architectural training program, with regard to his or her motivations and background

  • deepen their understanding of the field of architecture, the courses offered and the professional opportunities

  • oral expression and the ability to present a constructed argument

  • personal artistic or sporting practices 


The duration of the interview is 10 minutes.

This method of recruitment does not require students to have any prerequisites in the field of architectural studies.

The interview takes place at ENSA Normandie at 27 rue Lucien Fromage 76160 Darnétal.

If you live outside of metropolitan France, you may request a video interview upon presentation of proof of identity.

Only a summons for a baccalaureate test entitles you to a video interview. The document must be sent to us in advance.

With the help of the University of Rouen Normandy's preventive medicine department, we will put in place the necessary arrangements in order to support you as best as possible.

Upon presentation of proof, you may be granted study facilities.

All applications on Parcoursup are examined in the same way, regardless of the studies you have done.
You have the possibility of taking a VAP.

The application fee is 37€ for non-scholarship holders and 0€ for scholarship holders for the current year.

You must go to the website of the Crous of your region in order to request a student social file. You have between January and mid-May to apply.

We do not have boarding facilities. However, there is private rental accommodation in and around Rouen.

ENSA Normandie has a cafeteria.

Transfers are possible from the second year of the degree course in all Ensas, provided that you are accepted.

In the first year, the teaching covers architecture, representation, construction, art, sociology and history.

At ENSA Normandie, only English is taught.

There are three internships to be completed during the five years of study in architecture. The first internship is called "worker internship", the second and the third are in an architectural office or in structures related to architecture.
You have the possibility to do free internships.

It is possible to go on an ERASMUS course for one or two semesters in one of our partner schools, or to do an internship abroad.

How to apply to ENSA Normandie?

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