Habilitation to exercise project management in one's own name - VAE HMONP

Validation of prior experience is open only to architects with a state diploma who have had professional experience in the field of project management for at least three years.

For those applying for VAE, the commented work file must be added to the HMONP application file.

Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

The commented work file

The annotated work file is not a compilation of the projects on which the EDA has worked during its professional experience.

It is a record designed to demonstrate to the HMONP committee that the ADE has acquired the fundamental knowledge of the HMONP course.

The work file, of 15 pages maximum, will be organised according to the following 5 themes. These themes will be developed through the missions and professional experiences of the ADE. The dossier may include graphic elements.

The 5 themes

1/ The legal framework for the exercise of the regulated profession :

  • The profession of architect as a regulated profession.
  • The roles and missions of the Architects' Association and the Architects' Unions
  • The architect's personal and professional responsibilities. Insurance and the risks involved
  • The different modes of practice: self-employed practice and practice in a company

2/ The missions of the project management and all its actors:

  • The different types of markets
  • The course of the missions

In the design phase of the project: System of actors, analysis of the programme, physical and regulatory context of the operation; sketch, AVP, PRO, administrative authorisations, DCE and ACT.

In the execution phase: Role and responsibility of the various participants on the site, site preparation, management of the execution of the work (organisation, administrative and financial part, assistance with acceptance operations)

  • Controlling project costs


3/ The contractual framework :

  • Client/engineer relations
  • Relationships within the project management team: partnerships, co-contracting, subcontracting, the agent
  • The EPC contract or EPC consortium contract

4/ The regulatory environment :

  • Urban planning and building regulations
  • Technical regulations
  • Labels and certifications

5/ The creation and management of architectural firms

  • Organisation and management of the agency

Examination by the VAE Commission

The application file is examined by the VAE commission. It will then decide whether to interview them. The commission may invalidate the file and send the ADE back to a classic work placement or validate the file, which exempts the ADE:

  • From the professional situation
  • Some seminars or cippades depending on the experience gained and demonstrated.


The Director or his/her representative // The Chair of the Board // The Chair of the C.F.V.E. // A teacher representative of the Board // Five practising architects


The members of the commission for the validation of prior learning and experience may, on the basis of the file examined, propose a hearing for the candidate

The commission will then pay particular attention to understanding the quality and duration of the professional experience and the nature of the personal achievements.

Admission and defence

The ADE admitted for validation of prior learning will have to participate in the supervision set up by his or her study director, write a professional dissertation and give an oral presentation at the end of the session.