Habilitation to exercise project management in one's own name - HMONP

In order to become a registered architect - i.e. registered on the regional roll of the Order of Architects - the State Architect (ADE) must hold a licence to practise, known in France as the habilitation à l'exercice de la maîtrise d'œuvre en son nom propre (HMONP).


The HMONP is available:

Submission of application from 01/06/2021 to 01/08/2021

by following the procedure below:

Connect to admission.archi.fr // Choose: ENSA-Normandie // Click on : Create a file // In "Admission session" // Choose: HMONP 2021-2022 // Click on : Access this session // Enter the information and validate

On receipt of the confirmation email, log in using your file reference and your name. You will then be able to send the completed file with the supporting documents.

ATTENTION: Once you have placed a document in a field of the drop-down menu, you will no longer be able to modify it. So be careful!

Applicants are informed of the decision by e-mail in mid-September.


Administrative registration

Registrations will be made online via the Taïga portal open from 17/09/21 to 11/10/21.

You will receive an email from the school's IT department to connect to the Taïga platform (only for students who are not known to Ensa, for the others you must reuse your codes).

Training fees/registration fees

The payment of the registration fees can be done preferably by credit card (secure payment paybox (no document to send), or by check or cash (the registration form Taïga with the name, first name and number of the student must be joined to the payment).

You do not have to pay any CVEC (Contribution à la vie étudiante et de campus) before you register.

  • For ADEs in training: Registration fee € 630
  • For ADEs presenting only the defence: 35 €.


The objective of this training is to focus specifically on the exercise of project management and the professional responsibilities and skills associated with it.


It is carried out over a period of 12 months, consisting of 6 months of work experience (with a fixed salary), i.e. :

  • 150 hours of theoretical teaching at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Normandie
  • 26 weeks full-time, minimum work experience

For applicants registered by VAP, ENSA Normandie may authorise a reduction in training: either the ADE is exempted from the work placement and/or all or part of the theoretical courses.

Ahmad Ardity


This course is carried out under the supervision of an ENSA Normandie teacher and a tutor in the host structure, with specific training sessions within the framework of the school, and the production of a reflective logbook, accompanied by a professional thesis.

It begins with three CIPPADE (Construction Individualisée du Parcours Professionnel de l'ADE) workshops, organised in October, November and December. It continues with five seminars - one three-day seminar per month from January to May - structured around the following themes

  • the personal responsibilities of the project manager
  • regulations, construction standards and practices
  • site management and monitoring techniques
  • the production process of the urban project
  • the production process of the architectural project

At mid-term and at the end of the course, two CIPPADE workshops allow us to check that the expectations of the course are being built.

These five training sequences address, each in its own way, the questions relating to the architect's responsibility, but in a specific way, taking care to respect a logic of progression in the training: the first one aims to set the general problematic relating to the responsibilities of the project manager architect, the two following ones address this same question in relation to the questions of regulation and site monitoring, finally the two last ones raise the question of the economy of the production of the project, whether it is architectural or urban.

Asking the question of responsibility at the end of the training with regard to the economic stakes of the project also makes it possible to establish a link with the candidates' professional situation.


TheMSP begins after the protocol is signed. It takes place, subject to validation of prior learning, over the equivalent of at least 26 weeks, full-time, from January to June: it should be emphasised that the interaction - between the theoretical input from the school and the learning from professional practice (MSP) - is only made possible by the simultaneity of these two training modes.

Validation mode

It gives rise to a defense before a jury composed of teachers, a representative of the order and members of the professional community. This is compulsory for all those enrolled (VAP, candidates who were deferred the previous year, etc.).


  • From 01/06/21 to 01/08/21 : Online HMONP applications for the 2021-2022 academic year
  • 06/09/2021 : Commission for the validation of HMONP achievements
  • From 17/09/21 to 11/10/21: Online administrative registration
  • 21/10/2021 : Start of the training
  • From 03/02/22 to 04/02/22: HMONP catch-up exams
  • From 07/07/22 to 08/07/22: HMONP defences