License 1 is a unique year that aims to acquire the tools of architectural design and the fundamental culture of the discipline. It is mainly characterized by a strong articulation between project and representation, allowing students to master the fundamentals of project representation before moving on to L2. The multidisciplinary teaching of architectural analysis in UE 2 provides the tools for observation, understanding and criticism of architecture.

Semester 1

S1-EU 2 / Associated teaching platform

Managers: Patrice GourbinRichard ThomasMarie GaimardSébastien Cherruet
Patrice Gourbin
Richard Thomas
Marie Gaimard
Sébastien Cherruet
  • S01-AR-2-1 / Knowledge of Architecture - Theory
  • S01-AR-2-2 / Knowledge of architecture - Ancient, medieval and modern history
  • S01-AR-2-3 / Architectural analysis

S1-EU 3 / Independent courses

Persons in charge : Luc PerrotKacha LegrandZelda VoseLaurent SfarFrançois FleuryRichard BradyKerry Thornton
Luc Perrot
Kacha Legrand
Zelda Vose
Laurent Sfar
  • S01-AR-3-1 / Plastic and visual arts
  • S01-AR-3-2 / Structure 1: discovery and experimentation
  • S01-AR-3-3 / Languages

S1-EU 1 / Project workshop

Managers: Joseph AltunaRichard ThomasFabrice Drain
Joseph Altuna
Richard Thomas
Fabrice Drain
  • S01-AR-1-1 / Project workshop notions 1
  • S01-AR-1-2 / Representation of the architecture

Semester 2

S2-EU 1 / Project workshop

Leaders: Joseph AltunaFabrice DrainMarina Ramirez
Joseph Altuna
Fabrice Drain
Marina Ramirez
  • S02-AR-1-1 / Project workshop: concepts 2
  • S02-AR-1-2 / Representation of the architecture

S2-UE 2 / Associated teaching platform

Managers: Caroline ManiaquePascal FilatreMarie GaimardSébastien Cherruet
Caroline Maniac
Pascal Filatre
Marie Gaimard
Sébastien Cherruet
  • S02-AR-2-1 / Architectural Knowledge: Theory
  • S02-AR-2-2 / Knowledge of architecture: 19th and 20th century history
  • S02-AR-2-3 / Architectural analysis

S2-EU 3 / Independent teaching

Persons in charge : Luc PerrotZelda VoseLaurent SfarThéo VinceslasGuillaume Duranel
Luc Perrot
Zelda Vose
Laurent Sfar
Theo Vinceslas
  • S02-AR-3-1 / Plastic and visual arts
  • S02-AR-3-2 / Ambiance 1: Ambient source phenomena
  • S02-AR-3-3 / Languages
  • S02-AR-3-4 / Work experience