The Licence 3 is oriented towards the preparation of the master through several orientations. The theme of territory and landscape is developed in S5. Outgoing mobility is favoured in L3. English-speaking workshops are offered in S5 and guest lecturers in S6 to encourage incoming mobility and offer an international experience in situ. Preparation for the master's programme is organised in S6 with the study report, lessons on the architectural professions and the integration of the four-week internship in the S6 calendar.

Semester 5

S5-EU 1 / Project workshop

Managers: Rémi FerrandMarie ChabrolVincent MarniquetThomas GoldschmidtFlorent Clier
Rémi Ferrand
Marie Chabrol
Vincent Marniquet
Thomas Goldschmidt
  • S05-AR-1-1 / Architectural and urban project workshop

S5-EU 2 / Associated teaching platform

Responsible for : Milena Guest
Milena Guest
  • S05-AR-2-1 / From cities to metropolis

S5-EU 3 / Independent teaching

Responsible for : Laurent Mouly
Laurent Mouly
  • S05-AR-3-2 / Anatomy of the envelope
  • S05-AR-3-3 / Architectural professions / Internship report

S5-EU 4 / transitional measure erasmus project

Semester 6

S6-EU 1 / Project workshop

Responsible for : Valéry Didelon
Valery Didelon
  • S06-AR-1-1 / Exploratory Project Workshop
  • S06-AR-1-2 / Situation(s) in contemporary architecture

S6-UE 2 / Associated teaching platform

Managers: Arnaud FrancoisSophie CambrillatStéphane Rioland
Arnaud Francois
Sophie Cambrillat
Stéphane Rioland
  • S06-AR-2-1 / Situations
  • S06-AR-2-2 / Concepts
  • S06-AR-2-3 / Study Report

S6-UE 3 / Professionalizing courses

Responsible for : Noura Arab
Noura Arab
  • S06-AR-3-1 / Ecological architecture: eco-design